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The Point

'The Point' Exhibition

Exhibition Design / Identity / Information Design / Signage

At the end of every school year, Central Saint Martins University hosts the Degree Show Exhibition with the final projects of all graduates. Each art and design discipline has their own curated exhibition space inside the university’s main building. For a few short days, visitors from all around the city come to see the next generation of artists’ and designers’ work.

Graphic and Communication Design needed a concept for its exhibition space, which I co-designed with Satara Achille with the help of other students and teachers. What makes CSM Graphics students special is the fact that every single one of them has their own particular approach to design. This is why it was nearly impossible to come up with a graphic style that would suit and represent all of our diverse design personalities. The solution was to create a sort of personal identity for each student. Based on the exhibition name “The Point”, we created a grid of dots that each represented the possible skills and techniques that a student might have. A unique shape was created for each student by highlighting the dots that were specific to them. These shapes acted as logos, a direct portrayal of their creative approach.